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Doors & Porches



Whether its PVCU or premium composite our front and back doors are the first choice for homeowners looking to replace there old doors. Our range of door replacements offer total peace of mind, combining all the advantages of low maintenance and high levels of security.

Our latest range of french doors, bi-fold doors and sliding patio doors will improve the value and visual aesthetics of your home and also improve access to your gardens, courtyards or patio areas.

All doors come with internally glazed panels and multipoint locking for security and safety energy efficient glass.

There is a wide choice available from what style of door, what colour, what type of glass and what door finish. This makes each door unique and personal to the homeowner.

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Anthracite grey composite door and side
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A porch is a great way to add extra space to the entrance of your home and can also improve security and privacy. This additional reception area will also reduce heat while providing a practical and useful space.

You can combine any of our coloured profiles for the frame structure and co-ordinate the glass area to match your window designs if you wish. We can match most brickwork or render to your property so that your new porch is in keeping with the original appearance.

With all our doors and windows being internally glazed with multi-point lock for security this extra space is very secure, while at the same time adding a great look and value to your home.

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Venetian Blind Units

Integral Venetian Blinds are an advanced tilting and lifting Venetian Blind system encapsulated within the double glazed unit. Designed specifically for domestic and commercial applications they are the ideal choice for Conservatories, Bi-Fold Doors, offices and many other applications. The system is zero maintenance and is operated by an external mechanism attached to the internal face of the Window/Door enabling the owner to regulate their own comfort or privacy.


With a choice of 9 different colours enhancing the energy efficiency of the sealed unit and therefore making substantial savings on heating bills. A great feature to have in your home.

Security Features
  • Security hookbolts, three hookbolts which operate in different directions to effectively clamp the door shut.

  • Roller locks, two bi-directional rollers provide additional security and aid overall compression.

  • Hard-wearing handles, sleek handles stylishly operate the multipoint locking mechanism and can be secured by key locking.

  • Internal beading, unless specified all doors are glazed and paneled from the inside so the glass cannot be removed from the outside.

  • Hinge bolts, two stainless steel bolts protect the hinge side of the door. When closed, these locate into the steel reinforcement of the frame.

  • Strong hinges, three powerful hinges have been endurance tested to over 50,000 cycles.

  • Central deadbolt and latch, a traditional center piece of modern locking mechanisms, and protects the door from external attack.

  • Reinforced keeps, unlike lesser specified doors the keeps are screwed into steel reinforcement.

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