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Garage Doors

We now have a huge range of excelsior insulated roller garage doors ready to install for you.

Excelsior doors are a premium hard wearing product that will give you years of problem free use. They are made of aluminum, so are light and unlike steel will not rust. They are also much more attractive and are available in over 100 colours, so you can find exactly the right one to enhance your house and its value.


They require only a minimum of 30cm x 30cm of head-room space and they open vertically to facilitate closer parking to the door, avoiding the need to reverse and ideal for short driveways.

They are lined with a superior thermal insulation vital for integral garages, so they’ll turn your garage into a much warmer space which will be great for the rest of your house.


Not only that they are colour fast and include a special finish that makes them easy to clean, even graffiti can be easily cleaned off, and being remote control operated, means no more standing in the cold and rain!

Standard Features

  • Curtain is finished in white as standard with optional extra of laminated colours and woodgrain finishes.

  • Shutters are made of aluminum - unlike steel this will not rust.

  • Excelsior has built-in autolocks.

  • Excelsior 78 profiles have a high density foam filling inside a wall of aluminium creating greater strength.

  • Two remote controls are supplied as standard.

  • Powered by high quality tube motor with manual override and 5 year warranty.

  • Excelsior has a safety brake to comply with European laws (when required).

  • Excelsior is thermally insulated, which can keep an enclosed area such as a garage warm. Ideal for integral garages or garages with bedrooms above. Reducing CO2.

  • The Excelsior's impressive 20mm thick curtain acts as a sound barrier.

  • Excelsior can be fitted internally or externally face fixed or in betwen the aperture.

  • Space saving. Gain extra storage space inside your garage and in many cases extra drive through space.

  • Quick limit button. To set the limits easier. Position it, press the button and it's done.

Optional Extras

  • The Safety Grid comprises two slimline tracks which are fitted to the back of the door guides.

  • The Wind Lock Guide offers added security against extreme weather conditions.

  • A single photocell in a fixed position. When broken the door stops.

  • Multichannel Handset. This will enable you to operate up to four doors from one handset.

  • Full Box prevents accidental finger entrapment and finishes the roller shutter off nicely.

  • Our in house laminating machine can create some fantastic finishes which are impossible to create with a normal paint finish. This is also a tougher finish which carries a 10 year warranty.

  • To be used in the event of a power failure a lockable through wall drive, for garages with no other entrance.

  • Laminated or powder coated matching guides.

  • Safety Edge. A device which fastens to the bottom of the weather strip. When contact with an obstruction is made the door will auto reverse. Available wired or wireless.

  • Pivo-Glide. These are sliding end brackets, enabling the curtain to be fed straight into the tracks as the shutter unrolls, thereby reducing wear and tear and scuffing of the curtain edges.

  • Manually operated. Simply lift the door up and down by hand, ideal for garages with no power.

  • The Key Pad is for access without the need to carry hand transmitters.

  • Add the Battery Backup and never worry about power failure again, no pulling on awkward cables to release the door or winding a crank handle.

  • The Courtesy Light gives you a few minutes light when the door is operated.

  • Door Monitor System. A device which fastens on the door and senses when obstruction is made. Wireless and easy to use.

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